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Precision Machining
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One stop solution from Product Conceptualization to Bulk Production

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Just In Time
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Don’t pile up your warehouse with massive stock. Get the parts ‘just in time’

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Let your requirement be low or high volume, simple or complex – we definitely have a solution for you.

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We Are Specialist In

Manufacturing & Prototyping

What We are

About Us

A complete solution provider and a consultant for your manufacturing/outsourcing needs. We are capable of transforming your concepts, CAD drawings or 3D models to high precision machined parts with tolerance as close as 2 microns.

We can fulfill all your tool room needs like 

  1. Manufacturing of Moulds
  2. Manufacturing of Press Tools
  3. Fine Blanking Tools
  4. Die Casting Dies
  5. Manufacturing of Punches, Dies, Core & Cavity Inserts
  6. High speed stamping Tools
  7. Prototyping
  8. Automation

Our key competency is skilled labour. We have experienced toolmakers and machinists in our facility and we can stretch the boundaries of possibility to achieve your high tolerance needs with high precision machineries like,

  • 5-axis machining centers
  • CNC milling, CNC lathe
  • Wire EDM (up to 0.1mm wire dia)
  • Spark erosion machines with orbiting capabilities (Ram EDM)
  • Surface grinding
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Jig grinding
  • CNC Profile grinding



Precision Machining

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with modern technologies to ensure effective implementation of design standards. The precision process includes turning, cutting, milling, grinding, wire-cut, drilling and profiling of a workpiece / materials according to customer requirements. We possess extensive experience in producing different types of tooling parts from various materials, including hardened steel and carbide.

Design and Fabrication

  • Product Design & Development – Conceptualize and carry out 2D or 3D product design
  • Design Consultation Services
  • Design of Jigs, Fixtures, High speed stamping tools, Assembly tools and Precision moulds.
  • To model part files using 2D or 3D formats.

Tool Fabrication

  • Fabrication of jigs & fixtures for moulding processes or secondary assembly.
  • Fabrication of High speed Stamping Tools and precision moulds
  • Produce aluminium inserts, brass inserts, stainless steel, titanium, PTFE & carbon parts.
  • Provide mould repair and modification services.
  • Specialized Tooling Consultation
  • Tooling Repair Services

Production Moulding

Offers component production and  supply at unbeatable price. Don’t pile up your warehouse with massive stock. Get the parts moulded and delivered ‘just in time’. Talk to us if you have an existing Mould and on-going production requirement.


Let your requirement be low or high volume, simple or complex – we have a solution for you. We design and manufacture multi stage progressive tools and execute on-going component delivery.

Our capacity is exceptionally great in producing  high speed stamping sheet metal components. Currently we manufacture products from sheet thicknesses as low as 0.15 mm and complex bending and forming operations.

    Industrial Automation

    Our Automation division would design, develop and manufacture automation equipment’s. We work closely with our customers to customize the designs in accordance with their requirements. Automation division fabricates commissions and provides maintenance services for all machines. We are engaged with our  customers starting from conceptualization, design and manufacture of new products and provide one stop solution.



    CNC Machining

    This allows you to build your parts in the featured material that you intend for use in production. CNC machining is the best choice for rapid prototyping of high-quality metal and plastic parts requiring the greatest degree of dimensional accuracy, critical surface finishes, material-specific properties.

    Plastic Injection Molding

    We believe that there’s an advantage and need for low volume moulding, as not every product requires a high volume of plastic parts.

    Advantages of Low Volume Plastic Injection Molding are:

    a) Low Mold Cost: Low volume molds are generally cut from soft materials, which are easier to machine and modify than hardened steel.

    b) Fast New Product Launches: Requires only a modest investment, which enables the product to get to market quicker. 

    c) Fast Changing Technology: Low Volume tools may be more feasible if you anticipate a short product life.

    d) Low Volume Requirement: Many times, only a few thousand parts are needed to meet the needs of the entire production run.

      3D Printing

      We make Product for You – Please share the 3D Model. 3D Printing enables to innovate faster and mechanize faster. We make products through Selective laser sintering (SLS) Technology

      Advantages of 3D Printing are. 

      a) Freedom for Design 

      b) Speed up the Product Development activity

      c) Create Prototype & Functional Parts without creating specific Tooling

      d) To try with out of the box concept

        Vacuum Casting

        Child part for Prototyping : Either Customer Supplied or by using CNC machining, stereolithography (SLA) or selective laser sintering (SLS).

        Master Mold Creation: 

        a) Child part is placed inside casting box.

        b) Liquid Silicon is filled in the Casting box.

        c) Master mold is split opened once Silicon is cured.

        Product Molding  : Plastic material is filled inside the cavity and vacuum is applied to Silicone Mold

        About AGS Products

        Why Choose Us ?

        We cater to the needs of high precision technology industries with great energy and gusto. Our organisation combines the strength and expertise of professionals in the field of Precision Tooling, Prototyping and Process Automation. Focusing on Design and Fabrication of High Precision Tooling and Process Automation, westrive to provide our clients withfinest quality product in a cost effective manner .

        Our customers are spread across the globe and we are strategically positioned to support our customers and respond rapidly to the changing demands of the business.

        One stop solution from Product Conceptualization to Bulk Production 

        Don’t pile up your warehouse with massive stock. Get the parts ‘just in time’

        Let your requirement be low or high volume, simple or complex – we definitely have a solution for you.